Where else can we stay? Alternate Housing in Mexico

Here are some other housing options for groups going to Mexico.

1st option: The Ensenada Outreach Center (EOC) operated by YUGO is $115 per person, less 10% for a church group for a weekend. Includes meals from Sat breakfast through Sun Breakfast, but there is little flexibility when it comes to meal options. Call them at 909 297-3390 and they will work with you.

2nd option: There is a brand new hotel just about 2 miles from the turnoff to our old camp just south of HWY 1 in Maneadero called “Hotel Hacienda de Choix”. It is brand new, clean and nicely decorated and we can recommend it. They only spoke Spanish but they were very nice. Their phone number is: 011526461525000 but I would have a Spanish speaker talk. A group from Laurelglen church in Bakersfield highly recommended it.

Their prices are as follows:

Fri – Sun night – 1 queen size bed – 2 people – $35 per night + $5 per extra person.
Sun-Thurs night -1 queen size bed – 2 people – $30 per night + $5 per extra person.

Fri – Sun night -2 queen sized beds – 4 people – $55 per night + $5 per extra person.
Sun-Thurs night -2 queen sized beds – 4 people – $50 per night + $5 per extra person.

The drawback, you are on your own for meals. The benefits: a brand new hotel with nice tiled brand new bathrooms with in room full sized showers and locking parking lot. They also have the entire roof decked with tables and chairs for meetings.

3rd option: Casa Blanca Retreat Center. It is on the way to the Bufadora and I can recommend it, especially for safety of people and vehicles. They also offer breakfasts for groups. Prices roughly $17 per night per adult. Great View, but far away from most build sites.

The owners and operators names are Pete and Janice Van Dyken phone is 714 544-8293 or 714 604-7774. Their email is eyecam7@aol.com

4th option: Estero Beach resort. Rooms can be investigated at www.hotelesterobeach.com Their phone number is: 011526461766225 through ………6230. That is the whole series of 6 phone numbers in between …6225. …6226, and …30 replacing the last 2 digits. They are more expensive.

5th option: the Joker hotel in Chaptultepec, southern Ensenada. Rocky Peak has stayed there in the past. The phone number is 011526461775151 or check it out online at www.hoteljoker.com. The problem is that it is a bit far from most build sites.

For additional information, please call.
Hands of Mercy
909 499-6783

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