Host a “Pre-Fab” Build

Your church or organization can host the prefabrication of loft house panels in your parking lot. With skilled leadership, construction of these simply designed panels requires only basic skills on the part of work teams. A smaller “pre-cut” team works before the build to cut and mark lumber. Later on that Saturday morning a larger team then assembles the walls, floors and roof panels. A church “pre-fab” build is an “all-invited” event for the entire church family. Everyone from toddlers to grandparents can participate meaningfully in the event.   When 3 or more houses are being built, it is advisable to have the pre-cut on the Friday evening prior to the build day on Saturday.

This can be a great outreach to your community. Only basic tools are needed: chop saw, circular saw, chalk line, nail puller, framing square and hammers. A church group with minimum instruction can easily finish the prefabbed panels in a church parking lot in just a few hours. Panels are then loaded onto 14-18 ft dual-axle flatbed trailers with electronic brakes (trailer bed height must not exceed 26″). Those who don’t feel comfortable swinging a hammer can participate by collecting items for a “care package” to the Mexican family: rice, beans, house wares, bedding. Curtains can be sewn or purchased for the 4 windows (36″ square).

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