Loft House Materials Box List

Loft House Project
Materials Box for each house
o About 6 pounds of #16 sinkers
o About 4 pounds of #8 coated nails
o About 3 pounds of #6 galvanized nails
o About 3 pounds of 5/8 inch galv. roof nails(3/4” will work, but will shine)
o About 10 cedar or pine Shims for hanging the door.
o 1 ¼ inch Screws for attaching the ladder brackets and hurricane straps(about 1#)
o 2 inch Screws for securing floors and installing windows(about 1#)
o 3 inch T-25 Decksmate Deck Screws(5#)
o 1 Door Knob with keys
o Door filler plate (1 for any extra pre-drilled holes in the door)
o Hammers (about 8-10)
o 2 – L- brackets to secure the 4 x 4 post(optional)
o 12 – GA-2 – L- brackets to secure the ladder rungs
o 6 – H-2.5 hurricane straps for attaching walls to roof panels
o 2 flattened H 2.5 straps for hanging awning
o 1 tube of Henry’s sealant 212 Crystal Clear 10.1 oz

Other items for each house
1 Spanish Bible
4 Curtain rods(30 – 48 inch expandable)
4 Sets of curtains
2 Mattresses(if available)
2-5 sleeping bags(if available)

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