Loft House Paint Box List

Loft House Project
Paint Box for each house
o 10-12 disposable Paint brushes (1 inch to 3 inches)
o 4 Paint rollers with med to heavy nap
o 4 paint roller handles
o 4 plastic paint roller trays
o 4 x 1-gallon plastic paint buckets
o several plastic grocery bags, for keeping brushes moist at lunchtime
o Several small rags
o 2 larger plastic bags for disposing of spent brushes and roller covers.
o About 8 disposable latex gloves
o 1-2 caulk guns for sealing above and below all trim
o 3 tubes of paintable clear caulk
o 1 large paint stirring stick
o 1 small
o 1 Screwdriver to open the paint can
The actual paint we take down in 5 gallon buckets. We include a gallon of contrasting
paint for the trim. Paint cannot go down with the loft house trailer/truck.
NOTE: We usually leave any extra paint for the family, and discard the used brushes,
and rollers, and return the roller handles.

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