Loft House Trailer Directions to Pacifico Storage

Directions from Otay Mesa to Highway 1- Ensenada toll road
(misses 2 toll booths)
• Exit Otay Mesa Border crossing by going right out of the driveway
beyond the yellow pylons(Extreme right lane is the wrong way!!)

Call Danny and tell them precisely when you are leaving at 909 499-3185
• In about 1 mile, veer left at the Y-intersection where the sign says
CD Industrial
• After the Y-intersection about 200 feet there is a signal light where
you turn left.
• Continue in the middle lane on this highway towards Tecate for about
5 miles
• You will see a sign saying:
“Matamoros – Rosarito Hwy 1 ” Turn the Y to the right here(careful don’t turn at the first Metamoros sign)
• Once you are on this divided highway with a very broad shoulder, you
will travel about 24 miles to the “Free” road just under Highway 1 toll
road and get to a T intersection – where the movie studio is on the beach.
• Turn left onto the free road and you will travel past the Jesus statue a total of about
6 miles.
• On the free road you will see a sign for Cantamar and a Pemex on your right. You will see a sign saying
Ensenada cuota”(meaning toll road) – you will turn left and then a quick right onto the onramp to the toll road south to Ensenada here.
• After the Ensenada toll booth, go about 5 miles to a “Y” in the road. Take
the road to the far right that says, “Ensenada-Centro.” Continue on for
about 2 miles to the stop light (a big busy intersection). Veer to the
right following the San Quintín and La Bufadora signs.
• Go along the beach about 2 miles to a T- intersection and turn left.
• Go about 1 mile to another T-intersection and turn right.
• You are now on Highway One and pass Walmart on your right . In about 7 miles (passing two military bases on your right) you will come to a signal light with the turnoff to La Bufadora. Do not turn here, just keep going straight exactly 0.7 miles to the tacos de Pablanos on the left, or Tacos De Cachanilla on your right(2 doors on this side of a PEMEX gas station.) Quesotacos are to die for, and that is where you will meet the Mexico team to lead you the rest of the way.

If you have a trailer to drop off:
• Go past the Estero Beach turn-off about 3 miles.
• There will be the BAJA GOLF CLUB on the left and a stop light.
• At the second stop light after the gold club turn go left, and then make a quick right on the frontage road, so that you are going parallel to the highway.
• Look for the large orange sign: Pacifico Storage. Pull in the gate and
go to the back.  Leave your loft-house trailers in the center of the lot, not restricting any other loft house loading capabilities, as you might get there at a different time the next morning.

It is safe there, but I wouldn’t leave tools laying around.   We have never had anything missing.

Contact phone numbers in Mexico are:  Danny Van Nes 909 499-3185. When you get close you can call his cell 909 499-3185 or his other number at 909 748-1274.  No need to dial any country code. If you can’t get them call Rick at 909 499-6783.   Have a blessed trip.

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