Minimum Requirements for Participation in Loft-house ministry

We are glad you are interested in joining us in this exciting ministry. Feedback from our previous partners has prompted us to compile this list to help you be prepared and to make this a meaningful experience for your church community.

You must:

1. Attend a prefab day in the US with several of your potential key leaders
2. Join HoM on a Mexico trip with 2-5 key leaders of your group prior to your trip to Mexico with your entire group.(highly recommended – not required)
3. Coordinate and host a prefab in your church parking lot. You may have the option of joining another church for the prefab.
4. Be able to provide a driver, truck, and flatbed trailer (double-axle, 14-18 foot) with trailer brakes for each loft house for the Mexico trip. This driver must be able to leave early enough to be at Otay Mesa Border crossing at 8:30 am Friday morning (or the day before the build day in Mexico). We have trailers for rent($200 per house) and may be able to help tow the house, but we prefer you pray for and look for someone from within your group, or a friend or family member from outside.
5. Have a coordinator for each of the following areas:
o Pre-fab – 2 phases: Pre-cut(Fri or Sat), and. Pre-build on Sat
o Materials purchase(beyond items provided by HoM)
o Refreshments for Prefab
o Curtains – Often sewn by ladies in the church
o Transportation and Mexico vehicle insurance
o Housing and Accommodations – Rancho Casitas or other
o Handling of finances
o Contractors/skilled construction leaders to lead house build(note HoM will also provide at least one leader/volunteer helper)
o Purchasing of food for Food box/Care package
o Ministry assignments beyond the builders
Note: Some positions can be combined, but one person should not do it all

6. Register for your Mexico Trip: first by e-mail please agree with Rick Carter on your selected dates at
7. Go to Click “Register” and fill in the required fields. HOM will email you an invoice for you to pay, as your dates in Mexico will only be secure when we receive your deposit. We will provide a 7 day courtesy hold on your dates, so you can pay either online by PayPal(3% fee), or by Check(no fee) payable to Hands of Mercy and mailed to:

Rick Carter – Hands of Mercy – 300 E. State St. Suite 470 Redlands, CA 92373 .
• Our Mexico team will then begin to gather the recipient family information so you can start praying for them with your group. Family info will be emailed as soon as it is available from the Pastors who select the families, usually 2 weekends prior to your Mexico trip. We have found it can cause tension among the families in Mexico if we gather recipient information any earlier than this, so thanks for your patience.
8. You will receive email confirmation upon receipt of these items, and the online calendar will then be updated to include your trip.
9. First time groups will be charged a flat fee of $3350 for loft house materials, excluding curtains, care package, and transportation and lodging fees. It is our desire to “encourage” groups to do the legwork themselves, so we raise that amount to $3550 for the second trip, and $4550 for the third trip if you choose to have us do all the purchasing, etc. of materials. Our consultation is always free so we will help you along even after you begin your own purchasing. We may ask you to help pay for transportation costs for our prefab/Mexico trip volunteer leaders and helpers if you are more than 20 miles from our Redlands home office.
10. Be prepared to share the love of Christ with each other and our friends in Mexico. Please use this ministry as an outreach to your community by inviting people not presently in your church body to participate. Consider making it a father/child activity, a men’s outreach, an extended family gift and activity, outreach to your disabled community, etc.
11. Please go to for more information.
12. If you have any further questions, please call Rick Carter/HoM at 909 499-6783, or email us at

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