Securing Dates in Mexico and Rancho Casitas

As you can see from HoM’s online event calendar we have a large number of churches participating in our ministry. Because of this growth we need to have a safe way to secure dates on our HoM calendar.  So, here is what we need to have each group coordinator do to reserve dates in Mexico.

1. Go to – click  “Calendar” and choose dates that say “Date Available for …. Loft houses in Mexico”.  Check your church calendar and be sure there are no conflicts on your end.   Note: Prebuild dates are not an issue, as you can prebuild any day convenient for you.

2. Contact HoM at and double check that those dates have not been promised to another group, and we have not yet updated our website to remove that available date from the online calendar of events.

3. Once HoM confirms your chosen dates by email, please go back online to – “Register” and fill out the online registration form immediately.  This will automatically place those dates on courtesy hold for 2 weeks allowing you time to arrange for payment of the $510.30 per house deposit to secure those dates. Please add $200 to your deposit if you need to rent an HoM trailer making your total $710.30

4. Below are a couple of options for payment of facilitation fees to complete the confirmation of dates.

When you are on our homepage click on “register” and fill in the required fields. To complete this process, you can send a check Payable to Hands of Mercy to 300 E State St. Suite 470, Redlands Ca, 92373. Receipt of the $510.30 (or $710.30 with trailer) per house deposit will secure those dates, and our Mexico team will begin to gather the recipient family information so you can start praying for them with your group. You also have the option of paying your registration fee online using your credit card through PayPal after you have filled out this form. You will incur a small fee for using your credit card(about 3% of your credit card payment).

You may note that we have increased our registration deposit by $35 per house. We have the exciting opportunity to provide a solar powered Audiobible MP3 player to the house recipients and this fee is to cover the cost to HoM. Each Gift Bible player has a Spanish translation of the Bible, and space for one other Bible translation. HoM will research the language of the recipients and match the audio translation so they will hear the WORD OF GOD in their heart language. We will continue to give a hardbound Spanish Gift Bible to each family as well.

You can expect loft house recipient family information two Sundays prior to your Mexico dates.   We have found that doing this earlier can cause problems in the communities we serve so we appreciate your patience.

Call us if you have any questions. We will send you confirmation of receipt of your deposit and email you an invoice for the windows, stoves, roof caps and audio bibles and any other items you request that you will be receiving in Mexico. This invoice will also include lodging fee information. Lodging and meal fees must be paid in the US by using a single check payable to Hands of Mercy. Please collect funds from your group and write us one check. Our fees for lodging and meals are break-even for food, propane, etc, so these expenses are not tax deductible.

You will want to set up lodging and meal arrangements with “Jen Peterson” at Rancho Casitas. Please contact her by email at your earliest convenience. Her email is “”. Be prepared to tell her when you will arrive, what meals you will want, and the number of participants staying at Rancho Casitas. We ask that you limit your group size to 20 people per loft house, and start a waiting list after 20 is reached. Additional persons may be added as space on that given weekend becomes available. It will depend on the size of the other groups participating with us on that weekend. Please submit your requests for additional participants at the email above, on or before the Sunday prior to your Mexico trip .

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